SQL Server connectivity issue


I am trying to connect the defferent ip from SQL 2014 management studio. Its throwing the below error.

a network related or instance specific error occurred while establishing a connection to sql server was not found or not accisiblle.verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is coinfigured to allow remote connections.(provider:Named pipes provider,error:40-could not open a connection SQL Server) Microsoft SQL Server ,error:1326)

I tried all resolutions like below:

  1. in sql configuration manager the network Protocol: TCP/IP is enabled.
  2. windows fiewall enabled.
    3.created new inboundrule added 1433 port
    4.restarted all the services

I tried ping the ip. its connecting
i tried telnet ipaddress 1433.. It is connecting.

when tenet is working and connecting to ip address. then why i am not able to connect through management studio?

Please help me to resolve this. Anything else i need to do?


The error is referring to "provider:Named pipes"; you're testing tcp connectivity

In SSMS, when connecting, go to options and force tcp/ip, see if that helps

Thank you very much.. In the options if i give TCP/IP it is connecting.
But every time when i am connecting i need to force network protocol tcp/ip.
How to make sure this setting will be permanent?