SQL Server Backup

Hi All,

I am taking backup of SQL Server 2012 from one machine to another machine. Just wanted to know that once i will restore will my Packages from old server also will be built in new

Or i have to create packages again in new Sql Server

By backup of SQL Server 2012, if you meant that you took backups of your user databases and restored them on to a new server: SSIS packages will not come along. If they are stored in msdb, you should export them and reimport to your new server. If they are on the file system, copy the files over. If you have configuration file or hard-coded connections in the SSIS packages,look through those to make sure that there are no changes required.

In addition to what JamesK has stated - if you are using the integration services catalog then you should be able to backup/restore the SSISDB.

Probably better to import into the new integration services catalog on the new server. To do that, create a new project in SQL Server Data Tools - import from old system - deploy to new system.