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Sql server as a time series database


We are doing a lot of grafana visualization for a new project and I am going with what I know and am comfortable with as far as a database stack which is sql server.

Have you found a better db technology than sql for time series?


I've not used it, but Timescale has gotten some good reviews:

Full disclosure, I know someone who works there.

There are other time series databases, I'd suggest searching "Timescale vs...." and see what autofill gives you. There are advantages/disadvantages for all of them.

FYI SQL Server 2022 will include some time series features. I don't know the details, but you can probably find some info about it from Microsoft. They announced it at Ignite last week, and Redgate is hosing PASS Summit 2021 online this week, it's free to register, and you can learn more from MS and other speakers.

Thanks @robert_volk I will check these out

Also looking at influxdb and prometheus