Sql server Always ON for Windows Server Failover Clustering

We have currently SQL Server 2016 (SP2-CU6) (X64) Standard Edition (64-bit) on Windows Server 2016 Standard 10.0 (Hypervisor) and we are planning to create another sql server so we can setup ALWAYS ON.

Could you please guide me what's the requirements should consider for Windows server configuration (existing and new, Sql Server installation and Set up for Always ON?

Windows Server Failover Clustering need to be installed and setup before SQL is installed or SQL Always-On setup?

What's the best way i can configure and set up Always ON?

Thank you in advance!

You need to prepare one more identical server like the current one and configure WFSC between the 2 servers.
After the WFSC is done, you need to install same version of SQL on the other machine and enable AlwaysON feature from the SQL services configuration manager on both the servers.
Now, you can login to the SQL server where you currently have the database and create the availability group.
It is also important that your database file locations should be same on both the nodes.

Note: Uncheck the storage during cluster validation runs, as AOAG can use standalone storage.

Also be aware that you can only setup Basic Availability Groups - which is limited to a single database and some other limitations.

To get full functionality you need to upgrade to SQL Server Enterprise Edition.

Here is a document outlining how to set it up: https://www.brentozar.com/archive/2015/06/how-to-set-up-standard-edition-alwayson-availability-groups-in-sql-server-2016/

Thanks Ahmed.
So We have already Sql server exists which has standard edition and we are planning to add another server for DR purpose. So what i understood from your comments

  1. we will create identical server as current one
  2. Add/configure WSFC on both the server
    3)Install similar Standard edition with the same version (Is it KB/CU/SP also match or Sql 2016 with any SP work?)
  3. Enable AlwaysON on both server
  4. Create Availability Group on existing User Database
  5. File location will keep the same location

Please let me know any correction or additional step or info

Thank you!

Thank you Jeff for document link.
Yes, You are right and i am aware that we have standard edition and only option is Basic AG which supports single DB.

Thanks Ahmed.
Do i have to choose Cluster option for new server during Sql server installation?

You need to perform standalone SQL server installation for AlwaysON on both the nodes.

Thanks Ahmed.
So i will skip Cluster option during my new sql server installation.
We have already one sql server exist, i just need to make sure both the server are identically same or not?
Is it .Net 4.6 is ok or i have to add .Net 3.5 too?
Sql server installation i have to make sure exactly at SP/CU both?
When i do the Cluster enabled on both servers after that Cluster validation steps should be on only one server, right? Is it on Primary Server or Secondary server?
Do i need any quorum witness or Lister configuration or i can just go with default like MS sql can pick automatically?