SQL Server Agent - Job Step Seems to skip

I have a job in SQL Server Agent that has 2 steps. On Success, step 1 is supposed to go to step 2, if it fails it's supposed to quit the job reporting failure. This job is scheduled to run every day.

The problem I'm having is that step 1 seems to mysteriously be skipped about 90% of the time, but step 2 always runs. This is problematic as step 2 depends on actions step 1 being completed. Looking at the job history, I'm not seeing any failures on step 1, just that there is no record of it happening. Does anyone know of a way to troubleshoot this?


try to look at the sequence of the steps, and make sure the logic on the step follows what you wanted it to be. Most likely it start from step 2 first before step 1, this is a common problem when u insert a new step after you create step 2.

Thanks Dennis, I'll try re-creating the job from scratch.

Shouldn't be necessary. Call up the PROPOERTIES for the job and select the STEPS "page".

At the bottom is "Start step" - check that is Step 1 - if it is currently set to "Step 2" you've found the problem :slight_smile:

... if not the problem is something more sinister.

Kristen, thanks...but that was the issue. The steps were in the proper order, so by your logic, something more sinister is going on! :slight_smile: it's been fine since I deleted and re-created, but any ideas where to look if it happens again?

Just to be clear:

I would expect that :slight_smile: its just the START STEP that might be set to 2 (instead of, more normally, "1")