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Sql server + access + triggers

I have a big difficulty in my front end MS-access application linked with a SQL SERVER database.

I have a form (Orders) with a subform (OrdersLines) in access
I have a trigger in Orderslines table in SQL SERVER to calculate the total price, and others calculations.

In insert mode = Everything OK
When i want to update a field (Delivery town) the triggers process the calculation correctly.

BUT the Form and SUB Form in access doesnt get the information from the TRIGGER Update.

At the end Afterupdate event of the field (Delivery town) i make a subform.refresh and form.refresh but with no effect on my problem.

When i try to update any other field in the Form an error 7878 occur "Data have been modified"

It seems that the refresh doesnt work in any event in access, the trigger seems to update the table at the very end of the process.

any idea to solve this ?

Thank very much in advance for any help.

Best regards


I think you should read this:

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