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SQL server 7.0 Setup required


Hi,can anybody send me the link from where i can download sql server 7.0?




Why are you still using SQL Serer 7.0 ? that is like a version that is more than 15 years ago


I don't think you can get it anywhere from MS official web site.


Just checked it is not available with MSDN Subscription also.


Maybe MSDE would do? (SQL 2000 wasn't it? ... too long ago for an old dinosaur like me to be able to remember!)


Couldn't you install a later version and set the compatibility level to 7.0?

It looks like SQL 2012 and 2008 R2 only allow compatibility back to to 2005 so you'd want something earlier. I don't know about 2008 (non-R2) but I'd assume SQL 2005 and SQL 2000 would be able to configure for 7.0. You may be just as stuck trying to find an install-able copy of either of these though.