SQL Server 2017 Installation questions

Good Morning, I have been asked by my company to help cleanup and update our database server. Currently on the server we have SQL Server 2017 installed, along with SQL Server management studio versions 17.9.1 and 18.4, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Management Objects. It also has Microsoft OBDC Driver 13 for SQL Server and Microsoft OBDC Driver 17 for SQL Server.

I know SQL Server management studio needs updating, however is it safe to uninstall the older versions??

Does anyone know what Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Management Objects are? and whether i need to keep them?

Also, lastly, do i need to keep the two ODBC driver versions or is it safe to remove the 13 one??

Sorry if these are fairly obvious questions but i am a bit new at this

I would be inclined to leave well alone. (ie If it is not broke, do not fix it.) There can be dependencies on multiple ODBC drivers for the agent etc especially if an in-place upgrade has ever been done.

As SQL2017 is quite old, you might want to look at a new server with SQL2022, or SQL2019, and migrating the databases over.

ps We do not normally install SSMS on a server. Even if it is installed it would only be used occasionally. ie You do not want to be using resources for a client application that your expensive SQL Server licenses could be using.

Yes, you can keep one version of SSMS by removing the old one.