SQL Server 2016 installation question

I successfully installed SQL Server 2016 (Standard install), and I see it in Programs and Features. But I also see SQL Server 2017? I didn’t see an option or any mention of 2017 in the installation process. The machine I installed on had no prior SQL. Is this normal for 2016 installation? Is 2017 included (somehow?)

Also, I can get into the SQL Server 2016 Config Manager, but if I goto the 2017 one I get the WMI error. Is all this normal for a standard SQL Server 2016 install?


did you also install SSMS? it's current version is 2017. As for the WMI error, google for it. It's a known issue with a simple fix

Yes I installed SSMS (ver 17.4) after installing SQL Server 2016. I was just curious why I was seeing SQL Server 2017 installed. I'm assuming SSMS's latest version includes 2017 components?

I know how to fix the WMI error.