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SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition 64Bit, Memory management


Hello guys
Coming from Oracle background, I am curious to know about the memory management area of SQL server. We will discard Oracle EBS soon and go with a lightweight .Net based suite that will be using SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition.
The proposed hardware has 2x4 Core Xeon processors and 42GB memory (VMWare) which will eventually connct 85-100 users concurrently to the database doing transactions.
Now, to structure the maximum memory pool for the database to insure a lag free experience to the end users, what kind of tweaks are recommended or implemented as standards?



I am assuming that the SQL Server is dedicated to only SQL Server. There are two settings ('min server memory' and 'max server memory' ) that you should configure. This can be done through the SSMS UI or by running sp_configure. Since you are using 64 bit processors, we allow 8GB for the OS. Set your max server memory to be (42GB - 8GB). The min server memory can also be set to that value; this is less important. The concept to keep in mind is that once SQL Server has taken possession of memory, it doesn't want to let it go.
If you are running other applications on this server (not recommended), you'll need to determine how much memory they will need and adjust the max accordingly.



You are absolutely right about the other applications. Well, the same server will be utilized for the application which will be connecting to the SQL server.
The vendor recommended 8GB memory for the application (minimum) & 16GB as ideal, which we read as an exaggerated requirement. So, we are going to take 8GB for OS, 8GB for the application and setup the balance for the SQL server instance.
With Oracle database, the memory management was pretty complex until 11g, so I was kind of worried about setting up different pools and memory parameters. From both responses received until, it looks like setting up the memory parameters for SQL is very straight forward.

thanks once again stephen