SQL Server 2012 Jobs Issue

Hi all, I have a SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition running smoothly on a VM for over two years, in last one week I observed that almost all the SQL Server Agent Jobs are running whereas mostly jobs are not overlapped, I checked the datetime and came to know that jobs were in running state for over one day ... I was surprised that why jobs got stuck, so I stopped one job manually and restart, The status changed back to executing but no operation was performed as a result.

So I restarted the server and everything start working again. now after few days it happened again so I restarted the VM again.

I dont have any idea what went wrong and how to fix this issue, I find no errors.

Next time this occurs can you check if there is any blocking.

What do you mean by blocking? What exactly I need to check, please elaborate.

In the query editor window execute this command SP_WHO2 and check there if you see any blocking.


Do you see on jobs history any relevant error codes?