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SQL server 2012 & 14

Hello there

I am little newbie to SQL server, so just to begin with I have installed SQL server on my system but apparently it seems two versions have been installed on my systems and I can see them as attached picture, please refere attached picture..

I would like to have sql management studio wherein I can write the queries and start begin with programming. please assist what I am missing and help me with other things I need to take care from here.
I am running on windows 10, 64 bit system.

You can have multiple instances of SQL serve running on your machine.
Just type SSMS in the start box and hit enter, that will open management studio for you where you can connect to the server you want and write queries on that.

Thanks but on run dialog box after putting SSMS it says please make sure you are putting right key word for search..

Can you check this location and confirm you have SSMS.exe there?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Tools\Binn\ManagementStudio\

Thanks Ahmed, please see as below i dont have management studio at all.

SSMS is no longer installed as a part of SQL Server nor is it provided with whatever SQL Server media you're using. You have to download it from the MS website and install it separately. Same with the "Books Online" help system, which is (IMHO) much better and easier to find things in than the online thing that they've gone to.

Hi Jeff, thanks for your response, as I am little bit newbie to SQL , would you please help me sending the excate URL for the management studio download ?

I had tried this earlier but this was asking me to install whole server so I restricted myself thereafter for the installation.


Go to, control panel and from there check whether the SQL Server is installed or not. And if it is installed then uninstall it completely. Then after rebooting your system reinstall SQL Sever freshly. You may also install SSMS separately from the given link if you not installed it .

I'm missing the point as to what this would fix?

Jason already did that. I wouldn't have. It's not meant to be mean, either. Since you are a newbie to SQL, you need to increase one of the most important skills there is when working with SQL Server or any relational database and that's the skill of being able to find such readily available products and documentation. It probably took you longer to type your message than it would have to do a search for and find the download.

With the idea of teaching a man to fish, here's a link to train you how to easily find such things on your own so that you don't have to wait on a response from a forum for such things...