SQL Server 2005 - A version of SSMS that will connect from Windows 10 Pro

Hi, my first question here so please be gentle :slight_smile:

I have been asked by a potential customer to do some SQL work on their SQL Server 2005 system, but connectivity may be an issue.

I have SSMS 18 running on Windows 10 Pro on a Macbook (through Parallels) and I understand that is a non-starter.I probably need to install an earlier version of SSMS that will talk to SQL Server 2005 (possibly SSMS 2008?) but the SSMS needs to run on my Windows 10 system.

Does anyone know if SSMS 2008 will run on Windows 10 Pro, or if it is suitable to work with SQL Server 2005?

I was advised on another forum that SSMS 18 should work OK but I have read elsewhere that anything from SSMS 14 onwards won't work with SQL Server 2005.

Many thanks

I'm using SSMS 14 and it works perfectly fine with a SQL 2005 instance.

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Thank you for your comments.

The customer has now managed to move the database tables to SQL Server 2016, thereby removing the problem.

Thanks again.