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Sql reporting service deployment url problem

Hello Peers of SSRS,
I have a problem with the DEPLOYMENT of Reporting Services Configuration based URL.
First I tried using the CHROME and the Settings were not synchronous and later used EDGE on Windows 10 Server then used to extract Internet Explorer (IE) and made the 'Changes in the Internet Options and able to overcome the Report URL to be picked up thereafter while connecting I E as an Administrator only. IE Succeeded in accepting Reporting Services URL.
Now when I have found http:///Reports_Gxxxx/Pages/Folder.aspx as is found in the Reports Configuration Manager, copied on the IE (Worked) but when deployed, still it denies saying Verify the URL - ERROR: “The specified report server url could not be found” error while deploying to reporting server".
Perhaps this you may found very small, but I have even checked from the VIRTUAL DIRECTORY on Configuration Manager.
My understanding, when in first place, I E is able to access the report server URL :(http:///Reports_Gxxxx/Pages/Folder.aspx ) and showing reporting URL is correct, then why when I tried BUILD (without any errors) then while DEPLOY is still complaining with the ERROR? why this DEPLOY is not making any connectivity to URL?

Could you please help me where I am missing or wrong occurred.

Thanks all.

You deploy reports to the report server site - not the report manager site. Deployment configuration in SQL Server Data Tools would be to: http://{your server name}/ReportServer

Within your deployment configuration you then define the default folders for the project.

Thanks for your Reply.

However, I have checked every aspect with the ReportServer Site.

On Internet Explorer:

1. Report URL: http://{Server_name}/Reports_XXXXX/Pages/Folder.aspx is ready for any DEPLOYS. (Working)

2. But Report Server Web Server URL is slightly different in Report Services Configuration Manager
http://pidisieti/ReportServer_XXXXX/Pages/Folder.aspx (Not Working on Internet Explorer)

When trying to DEPLOY Error:

Microsoft Server Report Designer

The Specified Report Server URL
http://{Server_name}/Reports_XXXXX/Pages/Folder.aspx Could not be found.
Verify the syntax of the URL and that the report server exist.

Confused between 1 and 2 - means 1 is WORKING but unable to identify from Visual Studio to configure the URL.

Any help please.

In SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) - select the Project menu item and go to project properties. In that box you define the values where you are going to deploy this project.

When defined the server location you define that as the report server - not the report manager. In a default SSRS configuration you find the report server at: http://{your server name}/ReportServer

You find the report manager at: http://{your server name}/Reports

During the installation of SSRS - if you changed the default locations then you need to look in the configuration manager to identify what the location values are for the report server and not the report manager.

Thanks Dear Jeff and sorry for getting in touch with your invaluable Replies so far.

Somehow, this PARAMETER for the URL is not still not accepting and am struck with it.

Is there anyway, that I can still TroubleShoot for the problem.

Can you provide a screenshot of where you are setting the values - and the error you are getting when you try to deploy the report?

Jeff thank you very much for your support. :slight_smile:

I have some problem with my asset and could not reproduce the error and will send you.

Thanks Jeff :sweat_smile: for you wonderful effort as when I have started from scratch then I could able to overcome the problem and there is no evidence where it went wrong in the first place. However thanks again.