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SQL Report of Dates to Import into Outlook

Hello. My apologies in advance if this has already been asked. I currently have a view in my SQL database that has various details but most importantly Users, Activity Names and Due Date(s)/Time(s).

User Activity Due Date
Richard Case Review 1-Aug-22
Richard Supervision 10-Jul-22
Richard Client Visit 25-Sep-22
Bob Client Visit 30-Jun-22
Bob Supervision 19-Aug-22
Bob Private Meeting 20-Aug-22
Sue Personal Appointment 10-Oct-22
Sue Client Visit 10-Dec-22

What I would like to do is import the list of Activity Names and Due Dates into the Users Outlook calendar as appointments. Is this at all possible? Even better would be if it could be done automatically at a specific time each day.

Currently we are using SQL Server 12 and our Outlook has been migrated over to 365.


I would recommend using powershell or your fav scripting language

From the internet.

$meeting = $ol.CreateItem('olAppointmentItem')
$meeting.Subject = 'New Years Day'
$meeting.Location = 'Office Closed'
$meeting.ReminderSet = $false
$meeting.MeetingStatus = 1
$meeting.Start = '1/1/2021 8:00:00 AM'
$meeting.Duration = 540
$meeting.BusyStatus = 3
$meeting.Categories = 'Holiday'