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SQL query syntax help

Hi Guys,

I need to write 2 SQL queries, each query uses two tables (Master table & input table) and makes changes to the master table based on deviceno matching. See Graphic below. I am using Microsoft Access 2007.

what have you tried? Seems like homework to me?


HI Mike01,

No, not homework, I produced the graphic to help show what I need to do. The queries I wrote are just my attempt. I have been googling a lot of info and just need some assistance as I don't think this is a very difficult set of queries to write.

This is very rude....if any one ask help in solving query why u people behaving like this?? Then wat is the use of SQL team?


we are volunteering our time to help others. This seemed like a simple task and looks like it could be a homework assignment that someone wanted the answer to without trying. I apologize if that's not the case. We are here to help others, but there are some expectations that we have. For example easily consumable DDL, sample data and expected outcome, not just screen shots


What I am now is 80% because of you nice people.

Thanks and salute to you Selfless people.