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SQL query damaging existing databse

New to this and have a question:
We have a bought in project accounting software, I would like to set up a query, using sql studio management, to pull out the required data, if I execute a query can it in any way affect the existing database/tables and then cause a problem when accessing the software?
Many thanks,

If you are only reading data, that should not affect any of the existing data or tables.

While you are running the query it is using resources - such as disk, memory, I/O etc. If you are reading large amounts of data, that can cause contention for such resources and cause other processes to slow down.

Other than that, you will not do any lasting damage by SELECTing data from your database.

Thank you for this.
What I am hoping to achieve is linking the query to Excel, to get real-time data, would you recommend this as the best way to carry this out? Basically an example of the data I want is project name, then list of resource with cost under a specific date or date range for each project. Is there a better way to connect to get this into excel. The data is in various different tables under one database.