SQL Profile Performance Hit, when run directly on Server

I understand running SQL Profiler can be a performance hit. I've seen it myself when I've turned the SP Statement Level Events on (SP:StmtCompleted). On the other hand a Server-Side Trace supposedly has a much smaller or negligible performance hit. This makes sense when the Profiler is run on another computer rather than on the SQL Server directly, since all the Trace information must be sent over the Network.

But, what if we are running SQL Profiler on the same Server as SQL Server. There'd be no Network involved. So how would that be slower than a Server-Side trace? I'm thinking, saving trace information to a file would be quite similar to displaying it in an Application's Form.

One thing to consider: trace is being deprecated in favor of extended events. I'd go that route

I would ask you

  1. "what necessitates the need for you to run these type of things in production sql serve?"
  2. What issue are you trying to solve
  3. Can you do this in non production system?