SQL/PHP Query isn't working the way I want - New to this

i am very new to SQL and PHP. I have a small DB set up with asset tag as a primary key. I have success when I just ask for all rows, but I want the user to enter the asset id tag they want. I can't seem to get the everything to work together. Here is my code and at the bottom is the result I am getting.

<?php //query //set the database connection and select the database require_once 'login.php'; $db_password, $db_database); $db_server = new mysqli ($db_hostname,$db_username, $db_password, $db_database); //$inputAssetTag = ""; //Check connection if (mysqli_connect_errno()) { echo "Unable to connect to database"; } else { echo "Connected" . "
"; if (!isset($_GET['iputAssetTg'])){ echo "here"; ?>
	<form action="AssetTagSearch3.php" method ="GET">
	Please enter an Asset ID tag:
	<br><br> <input type="text" name="inputAssetTg" value="<?php echo $inputAssetTag; ?>"> <br><br>
	<input  type ="submit" value = "Enter">

<?php if (!empty($inputAssetTag)) { $inputAssetTag = $_GET['inputAssetTg']; echo "Perfect"; } else { echo "Enter an id"; } } } ?>

this is my browser when I run my code...it doesn't stop to wait for the input.

Please enter an Asset ID tag:
[text box]
(enter button)

Enter an id


Is your question about php or microsoft sql sever?


It's about the php code and why it's skipping the input box.


This forum is for Microsoft SQL Server. But there might be some here that might give you some direction but you will be better off going to a php forum?

Oh okay...I thought this was the right place. thank you anyway.