SQL password

Can you let me know if I change SQL Server Authentication password then will it have any affect on users accessing data.
Currently I do not know the SQL admin password.

Any place where the sa password was hard coded will fail.
I advise you to communicate this with all the stake holders and proceed with the activity.

Thank you

More importantly, have them change all their connections to NOT use the sa login. Create new login(s) specifically for the purposes the app needs, and nothing more, and only grant them the minimum permissions necessary.

Admin permissions allow for server shutdown, dropping databases, removing other logins, all kinds of things that an application does not require and should not be doing.

I am new to SQL and this was setup before I joined the company, so not sure if there would be any impact if the sa password is changed or not,. I would like to move the database onto new server but not sure if changing sa password would cause any issues.