Sql newby questions about ability

I have a problem that I figure I can solve by learning sql and I would love to know if it is possible. I work for a small business which would like to track the time each employee spends on a job so that job can be billed accordingly. Here is my thoughts on what I need. I am using a scanner so that each employee can scan an ID tag that would disconnect them from any other job, scan the job they are about to work on, this would start a timer for that job. So is this possible and if so how can I start this?


Yes it is possible. You will of course need an application that will push the data to sql server unless your scanning device has the capability to be programmed to write to the sql server.

Ok I was going to try and make a website that would allow me to use either php or python to do that. I am still having problems getting things to work in my mind before I get them working on a machine.j


write it out in plain English and then slowly work it out. We did a similar project for processing orders where we scanned bar codes of orders that filled the order into an access application (way back when :slight_smile: )
We had a timer that would read any data entered into the main field and dumped the data into SQL Server.
Python is a great choice! I would also encourage you to look into angular or react to write your web site.

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Its guys like you that give me faith in humanity again. God bless you and thank you for the advice. That is what I needed to get this started.