SQL IO Pending Requests

When I run

SELECT * FROM sys.dm_io_pending_io_requests

I get

When I look on my server I do have this directory $RECYCLE.BIN

I have never seen this where on a "Drive on your SQL" i.e M that you need this hidden file directory.

Any suggestions, is this normally for SQL I have never seen it. It occurs when the Application runs.

Thanks you.

I'm pretty sure that's your 'local' drive on Azure

The M is attached to the SAN so on the server you will see the Drive M.

Our actual disc configuration is not pointing to the ?\M:$RECYCLE.BIN\ directory but to the root M:\

We are sql server not Azure..

On the servers - modify file explorer to show hidden and system files - the look at the M:\ drive. You will now see the recycle bin for that drive.

I am assuming the value you are getting is from the column 'io_completion_request_address'. I would not expect to see an ndf file in the recycle bin - but if the application is creating a secondary data file and then deleting it - that file would show up in the recycle bin.

I would review with the application team to find out what they are running that would cause a secondary data file to be removed.

It is rather odd so I have to see what the vendor of the app is doing. I can't see why you would do this...