SQL illiterate needs help

I work at a call center. Currently when our call tracking program crashes, we switch over to a horribly inefficient manual card system. I'm trying to determine if using a DB program like SQL as a backup tracking program would be possible, and/or useful. We would need it to be able to auto number (primary key) each call entered as well as track addresses, phone numbers, responses areas, etc. I know very very little about SQL, but I've been tasked with this project. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Rick, what kind of app is it? Is it a client side app installed on user's machine?
SQL in itself will not necessarily fix that issue for you. SQL is just one piece of the solution.

I'm looking for server based app that up to 60 workstations can access at a time

have you look at the option of a web based application? with SQL Server back end and maybe node.js + angular?
nothing to install just each user needs a browser

I have not, but I defiantly will now. Thank you very much!

From a database modeling perspective, identify the entities and properties or attributes, then materialize them in the form of normalized tables and columns. So callers (people); calls (contacts if you also use email); receptionist, associate, user (receiver of the call or contact); address; and lookup tables for attributes. That should get you started.

Is the existing application tied to the phone switch system? Most phone switches have their own database (many flavors of Unix/Linux) and you can pull the data/structure from those to see what you would want to keep track of.

Its for a 9-1-1 call center. The backup system will not be allowed to have access to the phone DB for security reasons...unfortunately

Thank you sir. I appreciate your help