SQL I/O as per standard volume SQL can actually handle for log manager


I followed this along, and I am curious how to find what the volume for SQL 2016/2017 is
According to the threads for the older versions

Outstanding I/0 Limit k Total (kb) MG GIG
32 3840 122880 116.3636364 0.110192837

It is saying that the SQL can only handle 116 MG a sec.

What do you think? Is the 116 MG a low value, I guess if this is the standard than that is good.

If I run my log bytes flushed etc and do the maths then my
kb a sec is 1939928.339 and 2725650.783
which super exceeds what SQL log manager can keep up with.

Thoughts on how you all measure the I/O that could run through SQL. I know how to use IOPS tools etc.

I am curious on what SQL 2016/2017 can handle in way of I/O.