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Hello SQL expert,

I am trying to do a total count on the membership_ID every month. For example,
Here is the logic:

  • January count will be just the January membership date only
  • February count will count all January membership dates
  • March count will count all January, and February Membership dates
  • April count will include all January, February, and March Membership dates

The current output as listed below:

The output I am trying to achieve is listed below:

I provided the CREATE and INSERT a simple query for the above data listed below:

Member_ID VARCHAR(9),
Membership_Date DATE

INSERT INTO MembersTbl (Member_ID,Membership_Date)
VALUES ('GRTS0001','01/01/2020'), ('GRTS0002','01/01/2020'), ('GRTS0003','01/01/2020')
,('GRTS0004','02/01/2020'), ('GRTS0005','02/01/2020'), ('GRTS0006','02/01/2020'), ('GRTS0007','02/01/2020')
,('GRTS0008','03/01/2020'), ('GRTS0009','03/01/2020')
,('GRTS00010','04/01/2020'), ('GRTS00011','04/01/2020'), ('GRTS00012','04/01/2020'), ('GRTS00013','04/01/2020'), ('GRTS00014','04/01/2020')

How do I write the SQL statement and insert this new output to the temp table?

Thank you all


i hope this helps ..

; with cte as 
select distinct Membership_Date from MembersTbl
select     'SQL Output '
         , * 
    MembersTbl a 
    cte b 
         on a.Membership_Date <= b.Membership_Date 

cte_monthly_memberships AS (
    SELECT CAST(DATEADD(MONTH, DATEDIFF(MONTH, 0, Membership_Date), 0) AS date) AS Membership_Month,
        COUNT(*) AS Monthly_Membership_Count
    FROM dbo.MembersTbl
    GROUP BY CAST(DATEADD(MONTH, DATEDIFF(MONTH, 0, Membership_Date), 0) AS date)
    SUM(Monthly_Membership_Count) OVER(ORDER BY Membership_Month) AS Rolling_Membership_Count
FROM cte_monthly_memberships