SQL - Group Data Together


I'm struggling to work out how I'd do what I'm after and would appreciate some help please.

I have a database which holds information about what equipment an account has installed structured like this:

Account_Number	Equipment_ID	Equipment_Type
123	            43536	        COOLER
123	            34523	        ICE
123	            68756754	    FAN
5424	        43536	        COOLER
865444	        34523	        ICE
5424	        68756754	    FAN

What I'd like is to run an SQL query that will group that data together so theres just 1 row (per account id) with a true or false value against each equipment type. So for example the above data would then look like:

Account_Number	COOLER	ICE	    FAN
123	            TRUE	TRUE	TRUE
5424	        TRUE	FALSE	TRUE
865444	        FALSE	FALSE	TRUE

Could someone help me with this please?

Thank you in advance!

SELECT Account_Number
,MAX(CASE WHEN Equipment_Type='COOLER' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END Cooler
,MAX(CASE WHEN Equipment_Type='ICE' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END Ice
,MAX(CASE WHEN Equipment_Type='FAN' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END Fan
FROM myTable
GROUP BY Account_Number

If you want actual True/False you can replace 1 with 'True' and 0 with 'False' in the CASE expressions. Note that these are string values, and won't be interpreted as boolean true/false.