SQL for a Beginner (Visual ?)


I'm looking for a Visual Application to allow me to create a simple one to many database, then be able to add,delete,change and update records with a one to many relationship.

I'm not a programmer and I expect at some point to need one. I used to use Microsoft Access and was comfortable crating the forms and reports through that.

Is there anything similar for SQL. (I have access to GoDaddy SQL Server, but you need to be a programmer to effectively use that.



If you intend to learn SQL programming.
You can download the free version of SQL server,Express edition and play with it.

As of May 28th, the Developer's Edition (same as the Enterprise Edition with licensing limitations) is free to download and use.

Unfortunately, it no longer comes with documentation. You have to find and download "Books Online" separately.

And, it's all very well worth it.

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