SQL finding the start day (Monday) of the current week


Looking for a SQL query/queries that would determine the start day (Monday) of the current Week

I have 2 fields that in combination returns the 3rd one. The combination is:

  1. Expected date of birth - Weeks before week/birth = Maternity start date

So the logic is: If the Expected date of birth is 20 July 2022 and number of Weeks before week/birth is 2 Then the Maternity start date will be 06 July 2022, a Wednesday

But, the return date has always has to be the Monday of the current week, in this case, the date should return the date of 04 July 2022.

Whats the best query to get this?

Thanks in Advance

SELECT DATEADD(wk, DATEDIFF(wk,0,GETDATE()), 0) MondayOfCurrentWeek

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Thank you
it Worked perfectly :smiley: