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SQL FCI in Azure - cannot ping SQL VIP from outside the Active node

I have built a 2 node SQL 2016 cluster on Windows Server 2016, in Azure. The cluster itself works perfectly, I can failover and failback, but I cannot ping the SQL Cluster VIP from any machine outside of the active node.

At an OS and DNS level, the SQL Cluster VIP is not duplicate in the network, so everything is good there. Firewalls are off throughout the network (the only firewall is the Windows firewall on the servers).

I have also create an Azure ILB with the correct settings (random port for health probe, the load balancing rule is 1433). Floating IP is enabled.

The one thing I'm not quite sure of is in the SQL Server network configuration settings, I have disabled all of the IP settings apart from the IP settings applicable to the management NIC (these servers are on one NIC) and the cluster IP.

So I seem to have everything covered as per the documentation on the internet but it doesn't work. Can anyone advise?