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Hi. I am new to this forum and I don't know if this is the best category to ask this question. Please cooperate.
I have a visual studio form created which will be used to enter data in Excel worksheet. It will be placed on a shared drive and will be used by multiple users. I want to use SQL as Back-end.
I don't know how this can happen. Please help!


Why not just use an Excel workbook in SharePoint? Much simpler!


Hi! No I can't use Sharepoint. They want me to use SQL database only.


OK, then why use a Visual Studio form? Why not use Excel directly?


By, [quote="user123, post:1, topic:8781"]
I have a visual studio form
Do you mean a Form in an Excel Workbook? What I'm asking is are you just using Excel to host a Form that you want to connect to a SQL Server database? If so Access might be a better choice.


Hi. Using excel directly creates a lot of restrictions as it has a lot of limitations. So, what we thought is using SQL as it is already a multi-environment, so there will be no problem of sharing.


This is still the part I don't get:

What do you then use Excel for?


Hi! What I want to do is using the vb form, I want to enter data in excel workbook but using SQL as the back-end. What I did now is that I am able to enter data in SQL through the vb form. So, we planned that at the end of each day, one person can just copy the data from SQL to Excel workbook.


Create the data entry form in Excel to insert, update or delete the date in SQL Server, then bring in the data into a worksheet on the Data tab>Other Souces>SQL Server. Add a refresh button to the form.


I'd take jotorre's advice, forget the VB form, forget Excel. Use Access as the front end.


Sorry, but I didn't understand you.
Sorry to bother but I am a newbie so please bear with me :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish Access was an option for us. But nope, unfortunately, it's not!


Why can't you use Access?


My company doesn't want to use Access.


Try to convince them otherwise. What you want to do is what Access really well -- forms based front end to SQL server


Tell me now exactly what you want?

to avoid confusion go step by step.

  1. Backend use SQL
  2. You want to export data in Excel?

write down step by step then i will tell you.