SQL Error is not clear

HI I am getting this error on this query. It is not clear to me what or on what is the issue. (" Msg 206, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Operand type clash: uniqueidentifier is incompatible with bigint")

select edv.event_name, edv.category_name, edv.is_active, edv.is_service_event, edv.can_be_scheduled,
edv.has_test, edv.has_tplan, edv.can_be_scheduled, ed.routing_workflow_scheme_id, edv.is_initial_event,
wr.description as worker_role,
ro.name as 'Route Name',
se.is_edit_allowed, se.is_delete_allowed, se.is_undelete_allowed, se.is_unsign_allowed, edv.form_family_code,
edv.form_code_new, edv.event_code, edv.form_name, edv.is_perceptive

from event_definition_view edv
inner join event_definition ed
on edv.event_definition_id = ed.event_definition_id

inner join security_events se
on edv.event_definition_id = se.event_definition_id

inner join worker_role wr
on se.worker_role_id = wr.worker_role_id

inner Join routing_workflow_scheme_workflow_link rw
on ed.routing_workflow_scheme_id = ed.routing_workflow_scheme_id

inner join routing_workflow ro
on rw.routing_workflow_id = ro.routing_workflow_id

One of your _id columns is a uuid and another is bigint and you can't use them like this:

ON x.bigint = y.uuid
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Also, this join predicate is probably incorrect.