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SQL Education for Managerial Accountant

As a managerial accountant for a local healthcare group, I have been asked to learn SQL to keep existing projects up to date and hopefully build some new ones. I have an MBA in business with no formal programming education but consider myself fairly computer literate and driven. I do have experience in Access.
What is the best way to get some formal training for SQL that would include an introduction, basics and a few projects to get me up and running?

  • find out which "flavour" of database engine you are going to work with, so you can be specific when searching out your options
  • find local courses, buy a book and/or use youtube and google (there a ton of informations out there). ex. search for "learn microsoft sql"
  • follow sql forum(s). even though the experts might ramble in an (not yet) unknown language, some tips/hints is bound to "rub off"
  • if you have colleagues or frinds with sql skills, hang around them more - you now have a new favourite topic to discuss
  • build yourself a test environment where you can toddle around without breaking anything - ideally make a copy of your company's real data (you'd probably need permission to do so and you might also want an experienced colleague to help - or the vendor)
  • "disect" the project thats already running in your company to familiarize yourself with how your data is joined
  • have patience - and most importantly practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice ....