SQL DBA stuff - replicated databases

Was going to post this on stackoverflow but they're full of "I live at home with mom, jerk off into my socks and haven't been outside for 18 months" types who vote you down for daring to ask a question.

Don't know why that site attracts them but it does.


(1) I have a table in a database that gets replicated down to my server.
(2) The table in question is truncated and then repopulated every night.
(3) If my server has a capture of the data and then the table on the originating server is truncated but something falls over whilst being repopulated, the host server has an empty table.........what happens to my table?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

TRUNCATE isn't supported with replication.

Let's say that it was though...you get the same commands that were run on the publisher. So if the DELETE succeeded on the publisher but not the INSERT, then you will get the DELETE and not the INSERTs.

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Heh... a little rough for a description on a public forum but you've pretty much nailed how I feel about that site. Add "Ring Knockers" and "Napoleon Complex" and "People that think points have value" to that and it would be spot on, IMHO. :wink:

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