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I need help with this please

Write a SELECT query that returns the vendorName and the SUM of the balanceDue (as we defined it above) as sumBalanceDue for all invoices with a past due balance (DATEDIFF < 0 and balanceDue > 0) GROUP BY vendorName (of course) and sort by sumBalanceDue with the greatest first.

balance due for an invoice is the invoiceTotal - paymentTotal - creditTotal.

This is what I did
ELECT VendorName, SUM(invoiceTotal - paymentTotal - creditTotal) AS BalanceDue
FROM Invoices, Vendors
WHERE InvoiceDueDate <= DATEDIFF
AND balanceDue > 0
GROUP BY VendorName
ORDER BY SUM InvoiceTotal - paymentTotal - creditTotal AS BalanceDue


is invalid syntax. remove the AS BalanceDue on the end.

Try to use ANSI

FROM Invoices
JOIN Vendors
ON ...

Also, you have no join criteria, so you'll have a Cartesian product

IS DATEDIFF a column? It's also a function in SQL Server. If you want to use the datediff function, then it needs parameters


If DATEDIFF is a column name, you should choose a different one to avoid conflict with the function name.