SQL database (for SCCM Database) suddenly bloated from around 40 gb to over 700 gb in less than a week

New to SQL, troubleshooting an issue. the dbo.logs table seems to be the one exploding but can't find out why. Any ideas on findign the transaction/processes that started drastically bloating the database. Thank you all for any suggestions.


you can start a SQL Server Profiler Trace

you can check the data in Tables

there could be many reasons
you will have to filter to your cause

you can prepare a checklist
breaking it up ...

Most probably you are using Full Recovery Model. For this model, you need to perform Transaction Log Backup regularly.

Is it the DATA file or LOG file?

it is and .mdf file, within it the table dbo.logs is what is bloating.

will check into that thanks

I currently have the same issue with dbo.Logs growing extremly large. Did you find a solution to this?