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SQL database for Internet Radio, and everything else I'm missing


Hi programmers :slight_smile:

I am currently in mobile app school for 3 semesters, got 80% on my first sql assignment. My teacher receives an unlimited supply of emails from his students and does not have the time to answer them all.

I am developing the next cool thing on iOS/Android, Nobasicsound.fm

I am trying to create a SQL database for internet radio, though I am having brain farts with what I should be listing

example, my 80% assignment was this;

1nf, 2nf, 3nf.. doing 4nf

Consultant (consultantNumber, Consultant Name, Project ID, Project Name, Roll on date, Roll off date) Department ID, Department Name.

I'm trying to think of what to come up with for Internet Radio, so I can build off of.... help needed



Is this supposed to be a single table?:
Consultant (consultantNumber, Consultant Name, Project ID, Project Name, Roll on date, Roll off date)

That is in 1nf but not in 2nf.

There should be separate Consultant, Project and Assignment tables(for when a Consultant works on a Project(s)) at least.


thanks for the response

im not sure what im supposed to develop yet for internet radio in sql. i have nothing to go off. google is saturated. anything specific to what im looking for cant be found :frowning:

this is what i have so far. I need to put this in sql and create something with it

Deep House
Tech House
G House
Future House
Nu House
Deep Tech
Drum code
Drum & Bass
UK Bass
UK Garage


have you looked at https://musicbrainz.org/ and/or Rovi. These are companies that deal with music. old company I worked for used their music metadata

you need the following table if I remember properly
artists: FirstName, LastName, etc.
albums: Whacha talkin bout
tracks: clubilicious depression
Amyl nitrates
genres: Deep House
moods: always depression
tempo: fast
themes: angry, depressed, ears hurt
decades: 1980, 1990, 2000

artist can collaborate on album level and on track level so you have to put that into your relationship consideration.

drop table artists
create table dbo.artists(artistid int not null identity(1,1) primary key, firstname varchar(50), lastname varchar(50), stagename varchar(50))

insert into dbo.artists
select 'Joe', 'Boss', 'pee DD'
select 'Tyree', 'Cooper', 'quavius'

drop table albums
create table dbo.albums(albumid int not null identity(1,1) primary key, albumname varchar(50), albumimageurl varchar(1000))

insert into dbo.albums
select 'Ricochet', 'http://images.junostatic.com/full/CS614609-01A-BIG.jpg'


i see some useful lines of code within that response, thank you so much.

my app specifically is going to be a live streaming service provider.

DI.FM for android is the perfect example for what I am doing.

I am taking their model and making it better for a specific niche market


The "database" part I got !! but I'm too old to understand the intricacies of the other part ...

... is this different to TunedIN (Internet streaming radio, AFAIK??) which I have in the car.

Presumably Spotify is not "radio", but seems similar in terms of streamed content (also got that in the car :slight_smile: ))


Hi Kristen,

Thank you for the response.

Yes nobasicsound.fm will be similar to tunedin ... although tunedin is just a service provider hosting many channels. my friend is going to build the server. i will be independent, like DI.fm (hopefully)

my app will host 15-20 music channels within 1 platform. i can see the brand on tunein one day!