Sql database fell

I'm database administrator in small private company. Today our sql server 2008 r2 database has fallen down. I tried to raised it, but without any success. I am in trouble what to do.

Your best bet would be to get a consultant - or the vendor involved to help review the system.

For us to be able to help you we would need much more information:

  1. What error are you getting when trying to start SQL Server (check application/system event logs - check SQL Server logs)
  2. What changes have been made recently to your environment, server, SQL Server, etc...
  3. Do you have a SAN - if so, is it up and available and all volumes presented and accessible?

Any other information you can provide to help identify what happened?

Check the SQL error log, it will have more details on what the specific problem is that caused SQL not to start up. The tricky thing is, you may get the best info from the first time you tried to come up when it failed; subsequent attempts sometimes don't provide as much, or as accurate, a detail.

By default, in the SQL path, you'll see a directory named "Log" and within it will be the sql error logs, named starting with "ERRORLOG".