SQL Database Engine Ideal state

If any no one access the database, it means SQL engine ideal state. What will happen in that state.

That's a strange question.

You mean, after you have set up a server, installed SQL Server, designed a data model, programmed and debugged an application, and many many more things, ... and at the end nobody uses it, so the database stays idle, that is the ideal situation?

What will happen in that state.

If my company would do a few of those projects, they'd go bankrupt. That would happen.

I don't think this is what you wanted. Can you explain your question a bit further?

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Yes Sir, at some point of time SQL server has not received any request.

Sql Services are running but no one access to the databases .

Databases and sql engine every things good looking.

What happened at that time. Internally what process are running if no one access the databases.

Ex: if we start the car but not move even though some gasoline consume. The same situation sql server services are running but no one access it.

Thank you sir.


So you wonder what still happens in SQL Server when it's idle.

It will commit the last uncommitted transactions to disk.
Further than that I don't know.

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