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Sql database corruption

Hi all,

I m using SQL Server 2014, I go next xxxx.mdf file during couple months. And yesterday evening I found out that: "Corruption on non-clustered indexes"

Such error message shows me SQL Server.

I dont know what to do with such issue.

If anyone proper decision, please share with me.

Can you post the error?

Check the disk subsystem, because your controller or hard drives may be having errors. Otherwise you shouldn't get that much SQL corruption in so short a time.

Since they are nonclustered indexes, you can simply drop and recreate them. Don't try that with a clustered index!, since the clus index is the table itself.

May be you are running a complicated UPDATE statement with a NOLOCK hint against a table in SQL Server. See here for more detail https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2931693 or you can restore to the last known good backup.