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My SQL server engine version is 12.0.2269.0 while the SQL server management studio version is 13.0.15900.1

I cannot restore a backup made of version 13.0.15900.1 due to a lower version of the DB engine. Any recommendations how to resolve that?



Version of SSMS won't be making the difference. If the Source Database (from which the backup was made) was using a newer version of SQL than the server which the Target Database is on then a Restore is not possible

Should be possible to use RESTORE HEADERONLY [on the backup file] to see what the version of SQL was running on that server when the backup was made


It was indeed the higher version - 13.0.15900.1


the question is why the two versions as noted are not synced to 13.0.15900.1?


12.0.2269.0 is SQL Server 2014 RTM (MS15-058: GDR Security Update July 14, 2015)

I have no idea what 13.0.15900.1 is.

13.0.1601.5 was the first release of SQL Server 2016 RTM, there are higher build numbers for updates to that ...

13.0.1400.361 was the last Release Candidate, prior to release, that I know of

13.0.15900.1 seems to fall in the middle. Perhaps some patched version of a release candidate for SQL 2016?

Are you sure that is the build version of the BACKUP File (rather than the version of SSMS?) [Although it doesn't feature on any version number list I have for SSMS - the latest 16.4 dated Sep-2016, that I have seed is 13.0.15800.18)


The version of the BACKUP file is 13.0.1601.5

What I have done at my SQL server management studio is updated using "check for updates" and got this version as noted. anyway, what I don;t understand is why I have the engine in one version while the management studio is on other, although I have done an update.


That version is only for SSMS, not the db engine


Just to double check:

You have verified that this is the version number stored in the backup File using RESTORE HEADERONLY ?