SQL Code Struggle

Good day all,

I am very new to SQL and struggling with a sql query based on the 2012 AdventureWorks2012 OLTP database found on Microsoft's website

The questions I am trying to answer, which I am struggling with are:

  1. Suppliers from Japan and the products they supply
  2. Products supplied by suppliers from Japan.

Thank you for any assistance


What have you tried for this? What have you done so far that works? Why these particular queries?

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I suggest
Taking a piece of pen and paper

And write down the key terms and how they translate (map) to tsql ...

It Will be very difficult in the beginning..
Once you get the hang of it
You can become an expert very very quickly..

Hope this helps ..:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Please post the table schemas in your q here, as part of the q. That is, post the CREATE TABLE statements for the tables. Then we can write queries to answer your two qs. And walk you through how we created the queries the way we did.

Just so you'll know for the future, it's considered polite to post the schema when asking for query help. I don't have time to go download that db to recreate the schema; I would think most other people here wouldn't have time to do that either.

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