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SQL changed sa password


Hi there.
Today I changed 'sa' password to my SQL Server.
It works fine, but I cannot acces the DB from any of the applications. When I try to login from the application window, it says: ,,Login failed for user sa,,.
I don't know how to solve this problem. I think I'll have to replace the old password with a new one also in some kind of connection code-lines, but I don't know how or from where. I don't know the older password.
I'm sorry for my bad English. For any questions, please aks.

I hope you can help me,
Best wishes.


Your English is superb but ...what is this application you talk about and why are you using sa as the user for the application


I work at a city hall and through this application we give registration numbers to documents.
I'm new on this field and I have not been trained about the city hall's Server; the other programmer isn't working anymore.
I wanted to export the database from the server, but some tables were encrypted. I know it may sound stupid, but I thought that changing the 'sa' password would solve the Error and wouldn't do any damage. So, unfortunately, I don't know why the apps are using sa as a user, but I know they do due to the Error.
Thank you for your time & answer.


what is this application you talk about . web app, access app?


It's an access app. It uses something like 'admin' - 'admin' username and password, and apparently, it connects to the server..