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Hello Friends,
Just like any other lost young girl I'm here with a question.
I don't know whether this is the right place to ask this question or not apologies in advance.
I have recently completed my higher education and now planning to start my career as a SQL Developer.
Can anyone please guide whether it is a great choice or not.
I have an average academic background but for the time being ignore that I focus on this whether this profession with providing me a bright future or not.?

hi rashmi

Just like with everything
We dont know till we try !!!!

SQL Developer as a career is REALLY REALLY old

Latest CAREERS which are hot
Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
have severe shortage

Having average academic background .. DOES NOT MEAN anything

People with handicaps whose brain does not work properly
have made lakhs (CRORES) of rupees
example: Richard Branson Industrialist

I personally feel SQL Developer does not have a lot of potential as a CAREER ..

hope this helps .. good luck .. as always Circumstances.. Situations also play a huge role
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I back harishgg1.

If you're interested in working with data, go for Data Science/ artificial intelligence.
And make sure you know SQL. The base is not so hard.

I have seen Data Scientists who were surprised to see how SQL can make some tasks very easy.
I thought they all knew SQL, but they don't.

Don't exclude SQL in favour of Python or R.

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I agree with the rest. SQL is just one feather in your cap. You need to diversify your skill sets but still be a sme on one subject. Sometimes it is best to know one thing real well that many things with no depth.
50 mile wide and one inch deep is not good.