SQL BCP import and export

I'm exporting a data from table to file through SQL BCP using following command.

bcp test..Sample_Table in C:\Test\Test.dat -c -f C:\Test\TestFormat.fmt -S -T -C

After epxort, it is adding a new line at the end of the file.

Same output file i'm importing into another table in another database. So because of this new line, i'm getting Unexpected EOF file error in bcp.

Is there any way to remove this new line in export or import through bcp? Or Is adding newline related to the format file?

What is your -C option?

-C { ACP | OEM | RAW | code_page }

Also, you are using -c:

Performs the operation using a character data type. This option does not prompt for each field; it uses char as the storage type, without prefixes and with \t (tab character) as the field separator and \r\n (newline character) as the row terminator. -c is not compatible with -w.

Have you tried it without that option?

why not just use Import WIzard?