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SQL basics especially inner join

Good day everyone. Im a newbie in sql. I know the usage of the four common commands in sql. Select-choose the needed data
From-where the select is done from the table
Order-asc or desc

Correct me if im wrong.
So then when do we use inner joins? And if the question needs an amount balance between say 8000 to 12000, would the statement be
WHERE Balance between 8000 and 12000? Help needed. Tq.

Have you followed any of the many online tutorials in SQL?

If not, I suggest you google a few and try them out. You'll find most of your questions answered in the first few lessons

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Yeah, i prob will start doing it. Gotta master these basics for my exams.

;Heh... nope. You've got to master the basics so you can actually do your job. :wink:

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