SQL alwayson on Active Cluster

Dear Experts

I am using three node alwayson Availability Group SQL 2012 Enterprise Edition.

2 Node in DC with File Share Witness quorum also in DC and third node to be setup in DR

I need to perform a DR switchover with all DC down And DR database up for applications.

Can this solution work or I need to use Log Shipping as third node instead of alwayson AG node.

Please help on this.


Your cluster will be down if your DC will be down as you are having 3 votes in the DC.
For Log shipping you need to manually bring the secondary db online to be accessed by the applications for read write connections.

Thanks Ahmed

But should I use Log Shipping Secondary or Alwayson AG third node as DR, as my PDC will be down completely and I need to run application on DR databases

You can use the AG for DR - that is what it is designed for...but to do that you need to be able to move the file share witness to the DR site to allow for a quorum.

You would normally setup the cluster with 3 votes for quorum - the primary and secondary nodes in the primary DC and the file share. The DR node will normally have a node weight of 0 so it doesn't participate in quorum to determine cluster health.

For a failover - you need to move the file share witness to the DR DC and change the node weight on the DR secondary and manually migrate the listener to the DR secondary.