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SQL Agent Job Stopped

Hi Patrons,

We have a job running on Index Optimize on User DB's which cancelled as a result of the STOP JOB REQUEST. The user is authenticated and was running perfectly till other times.

Couldn't figure out the reason why the STOP JOB REQUEST.

Can you please analyse possible ways to deduce. Thanks in advance.

Can you check event viewer logs at the same time the job stopped.

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Yeah. Checked not much Help. It says - Stopped job at the Users Request.

That's how it stranded.

Any Help. Thanks

Something is killing it then: manually stopping the job, or killing the session running it. Do you have any maintenance or scheduled tasks that run during that window that may stop services or reboot the machine?

An easy test is to change the job schedule and see if it finishes. Also monitor via sp_whoisactive while the job is running.

Thanking one and all who gave their valuable suggestions to look into. Much appreciated