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SQL 2016 Std Memory Allocation


Hi Guys. Good Day!. Need Help on allocating my sql memory. We have an application in our server with 32GB physical RAm but still our system encounters lagging when users are accessing on their client PC. I think I need to allocate my RAm on SQL but I dont know where to start. Im a beginner of SQL and badly need your help. Your reply is very much appreciated. Thanks.


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Is your SQL running on a dedicated machine?
If yes, you can try assigning 70-80% to the SQL server and the remaining for the OS.


Hi Ahmeds08. Yes its on a dedicated server. Well its look like this, i think its the default config. Were i should put it? on the max? 28000MB, is hould be ok? But i was confused the default is 2147483647? Is it MB or KB?
What the correct value should I put it in? The minimum is as it is? zero? Thanks.


you need to put it in the MAX memory field.The value is in MB.


Ok Thanks Ahmeds08.