SQL 2016 SA account - Backup database

Good Morning Colleagues

I hope you are doing good . Regarding SQL server 2016 , Does the SA account has the permissions to backup database ?

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as per my knowledge

SA does !!!!!

try it

Good Afternoon Sir

Thx for your confirmation . Appreciate find my below comments and waiting for your confirmation for it:

  1. I think SA account can do also restore for the database . is that true ?
  2. My question related to SQL server 2016 and i got information from one of my colleagues that SA account @ SQL 2016 doesn't have unlimited permissions and cant do database back up and it needs to have db_backuuoperator role attached to it to be able to backup/restore . So kindly advice.

Thx in advance.

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The SA account can do ANYTHING in SQL Server, bkup, restore delete/drop a database.
Any login that has the sysadmin role can do the above.