SQL 2016 Latest updates download


I need suggestions from you for below requirememnt.

we are having two production SQL Servers.

Version: SQL 2016

Productlevel: SP1

Edition: Enterprise, Core based licensing 64 bit

Product version: 13.0.4224.16

Productupdatelevel: null

As per the requirement now we need to install latest CU on this server. I searched the microsoft website for latest CU. I am little confused about finding the correct latest CU to download and install.

Can you please guide what exactly to download so production sql server will be upto date with all updates?

Actually my doubt is current production is SP1.But in Microsoft website i see already sp2 released and latest CU are there for sp2. So shall i go ahead with downloading latest CU for SP1? OR download SP2 with latest CU?

Which one i need to install ?Please share the exact link to download.

How to consider which one i need to install the latest CU?



As the requirement is not to get the latest Cumulative Update for Service Pack 1, go for the latest CU of the latest SP.


latest cumulative-update-11-for-sql-server-2016-sp2

Whatever you decide, first do test these updates on a test environment.

Thank you. I will go with sp2.

100% SP2 CU6 at least, don't consider any lower level. At that level you can use trace flag 460. Huge help when needed!